Testimonial Page


  1. Jane has helped me in so many ways,she has provided me with invaluable life tools that I need to help me control my anxiety.
    Alot of people find it hard to seek councelling
    because they fear it will make them appear to be weak but I strongly believe that anyone and everyone would benifit from counselling!
    Sadly we all go through tough times in our lives and if you just reach out for help you will get through that very dark tunnel, I highly recommend Jane , she was born to be a councellor!

  2. I recently needed to seek help for anxiety. I chose Jane, because I liked her website and thought she sounded caring and kind. I was not wrong. On my first visit Jane made me feel at home and we were soon chatting like old friends. She helped me to see that I could overcome my anxiety with some simple strategies, she also lent me brilliant book on Mindfulness. One of the lovely things about Jane is that she doesn't make you feel that you are a mess and she has got it all together, you sort of work as a team and share things, as if you were not counsellor and client. I really enjoyed my sessions with Jane and quite quickly began seeing myself in a more positive light. She is very encouraging and affirming and with practising the breathing techniques and regularly doing some mindfulness I am feeling much more in control and although I still have my moments I am learning how to stay calm. I would definitely recommend Jane.